Shannon Neilsen- Masters Health Management (UNSW), BSc (UTS Australia) Co-Founder and CEO

Shannon Neilsen has over 18 years of experience in both the public and private health care sectors in both Australia and Asia. He holds a Masters in Health Care Management from UNSW, Australia and a Bachelor of Nursing from UTS, Australia.

Between 2009-2014, Shannon was the Director of Operations for WA Health Care, a private healthcare company specialising in the provision of integrative and regenerative medicine in China. In 2015, WA Health Care was acquired by a NASDAQ listed health care group, IKANG. During this time, Shannon was also involved in the set-up of a NASDAQ listed biotech company, Cell Biomedicine Group. NASDAQ symbol (CBMG)

Between 2005-2009, Shannon was involved in the China entry of Parkway Health, Asia’s largest private healthcare company. He led the set-up and operations of their flagship site in Shanghai, China, as well as the integration of Parkways clinic programmes across their acquired healthcare group.

Shannon is passionate about the provision of integrative and regenerative medicine for the treatment of chronic disease. His ongoing efforts to collaborate with leaders in regenerative medicine in both Asia and the USA is to continue to expand the availability of regenerative medicine internationally. He brings vast knowledge of healthcare in emerging markets as well as a unique understanding of the emerging field of regenerative medicine.