Many of us have a scar that we would like removed. Persons who have scars caused from acne, chicken pox, caesarean, surgery, cuts, or from an injury to the skin can benefit from scar reduction treatments.
Life Healthcare Group provides comprehensive scar reduction treatments that is medically supervised and uses advanced medical technology in order to repair damaged molecules and stimulate collagen activating cells that removes the appearance of the scar. Our treatments include:

The INNOjector

The needle-free technology that delivers saline, vitamins, or hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, to disperse damaged molecules and stimulate collagen activating cells

Cortisone Injections

These injections that help soften and shrink hard scars such as keloid and hypertrophic scars


Removes dead and flaking skin with a wire brush or diamond wheel. Stimulates the production of collagen creating new and smoother skin

Cell Therapy

Uses protein molecules to rejuvenate aged skin