Chi gung / Qigong (or Nei Gung) is originally a form of ancient martial arts and is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Known for its ability to strengthen and improve the flow of qi (or ‘energy’) in the body, qigong incorporates concentration, relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises, and specific body movement.

Qigong is effectively used as a disease prevention and health promotion therapy. There are two types of qigong:

Internal qigong (nei kung)

Qi energy is created and controlled by the patient through the use of movements, meditation, and controlled breathing exercises

External qigong

Performed by an experienced master that uses his or her hand to direct qi energy onto the patient for healing or treatment

Qigong can aid various health conditions but especially including:

Our TCM Practitioners provide both internal qigong and external qigong treatments. Your treatment plan is personalised to your health need and may integrate additional modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.