Our nutritional treatment program takes into consideration many lifestyle elements. We encourage all our patients to eat “real food” and educate you on understanding what that is and how to incorporate that into your daily lifestyle. We ensure that your diet includes all essential vitamin and minerals and top up and insufficiencies with supplements. We also ensure you are away of the importance of hydration and how to maximize your potential thru correct eating and drinking habits. We also work with you on your nutritional goals from weight loss to using nutrition in supporting you in disease such as cancer.


Miles Price

Miles spent the first few years of his career developing plant extracts for UK pharmacy giant Boots. He moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to focus on a more clinical and holistic approach to health, dispensing dietary and exercise advice to members of a Hong Kong prestigious health club chain.

In 2009 he established his own practice to focus on his area of primary interest: the direct benefits of customising nutrition, according to one's metabolism, using the ‘Metabolic Typing’ and ‘biosignature modulation’ modalities.

In 2011, he completed a Masters programme in Holistic Nutrition at the prestigious Hawthorn University, USA, and in 2014 he passed the diploma programme in Functional Medicine at the Functional Medicine University, USA. Functional Medicine's philosophy is to identify the root cause or triggers to disease and dysfunction and apply naturopathic methods of healing and support.