functional medicine

Functional medicine treats the underlying cause of disease, supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body, and is personalised to the needs of the person. Functional medicine uses evidence-based treatments to promote primary prevention and treat sub-optimal health and chronic illness.

There are differences in the treatment approach between conventional medicine and functional medicine. Conventional medicine may use drugs and screening to treat the disease. Functional medicine focuses on the interactions between genetics, medical history, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors that have contributed to disease development and loss of bodily function. Understanding these interactions, the functional medicine doctor will then create a treatment plan in order to restore bodily function and treat the underlying cause of disease.

For Life Healthcare Group, functional medicine is a central pillar for how we treat all stages of aging from disease prevention to disease management. We have a range of functional medicine services available to treat the underlying cause of disease and restore functions of the body to its optimal state. These include:

  • Hormonal panel

  • Comprehensive digestive stool analysis

  • ALCAT food sensitivities

  • Liver detoxification status

  • Vitamin mineral, tosicity status of blood

  • HTMA

  • Inflammation markers

  • Oxidized cholesterol

  • Non-specifi cancer markers

  • Amino acids

  • Fatty acids

  • Urinary halides

  • Gluthathione peroxidise

  • Nutrigenomic testing

  • Mitichondrial dysfunction