functional laboratory testing

Functional laboratory tests evaluate organ and systems functions rather than only looking for a specific disease or symptom. Functional laboratory tests differ from other blood tests in that the testing parameters are different. These tests use blood, hair, stool, urine, or saliva samples to indicate the presence of harmful substances or the level of organ and system functionality.

Life Healthcare Group provides comprehensive functional laboratory tests for our patients. We have a wide range of tests that includes:

The Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) Test

Detects the early presence of cancer cells through a blood test. It requires only the presence of millions of cancer cells for diagnosis and can test for the most effective treatment that kills the cancer.

The Environmental Pollutants Test

Assesses how well our body is absorbing, metabolising, and eliminating pollutants. Each test includes a qualitative assessment of 10 volatile solvents that are commonly found in our environment.

The ALCAT Test

Measures the body’s response to over 230 substances including food, herbs, mold, additives, drugs, and chemicals.