Life Healthcare Group has strategic partnerships with leading international institutions that provide cellular therapy to our patients. Cell therapy such as bone marrow transplants, administers live cells or a specific cell population in a patient for the treatments of disease or anti-aging. Cell therapy as a treatment is evolving and has enormous potential to address disease and improve human health.

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that have two key functions:

  1. they can renew themselves, and
  2. turn into other types of cells, in a process known as differentiation.
Stem cells are commonly used for various treatments and can be effective for:

DNA Anti-aging

Adult stem cells are fundamental for tissue homeostasis and repair throughout life. As we get older, not only does the number of stem cells in our bodies decrease but the ability of our stem cells to balance and regenerate declines. The stem cell loss and dysfunction are due to the accumulation of toxic metabolites, DNA damage, accumulation of damaged proteins, and mitochondrial dysfunction. As such, these are the pathways that are targeted with stem cell therapy in order to restore function and counter the effects of aging.

Skin Rejuvenation

The ability of our skin to repair mechanisms in response to skin damage decreases with age. Time, oxidative stress, ultraviolet radiation, and hormone exhaustion contribute to loss of elasticity and wrinkles, age spots, and skin fragility. Stem cell therapy targets molecular pathways that have degenerated with age to provide skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that is caused by the loss of cartilage in joints due to injury, genes, or weight. Stem cell therapy can not only heal but also support regeneration of tendons, cartilage, bone, and ligaments.

Stem Cell Banking

Expecting parents are increasingly investing in cord blood storage (or stem cell banking) as a health safety measure. Upon birth, the umbilical cord (that is commonly thrown away) is stored at a private blood bank. The umbilical cord contains two types of stem cells that can be used as a treatment if your child had certain diseases such as lymphoma and leukaemia.

Adult stem cell banking is also a beneficial investment as it preserves healthy immune cells that can be used as a supportive cancer treatment as well as an anti-aging therapy.

Life Healthcare Group has a strategic partnership with an international stem cell banking organisation. Our Partner uses the latest advances in technology to ensure your cells are safely extracted, transported, and stored for future use.