An allergy involves an immune reaction in response to a harmless substance such as pollen. Allergies can be experienced as mild, moderate, or severe.

Life Healthcare Group offers full and comprehensive testing of your allergy conditions in order to identify and treat your allergies in a safe manner that uses evidence-based medicine. Our lab allergy testing includes:

The ALCAT Test

Tests for over 230 sensitivities including food, herbs, mold, additives, drugs, and chemicals that may be causing your allergy conditions

Environmental Pollutants Test

Provides the quantitative measurement of selected metabolites of volatile solvents found in our environment that can trigger allergic reactions.

Food Sensitivities Test

Food sensitivities may lead to the activation of immune cells that produce both free radicals and inflammatory substances that can cause tissue damage and premature aging. Our food sensitivity test helps to uncover which foods and other substances trigger chronic inflammation and allergic reactions.